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Try for
3 months for $149/month

Test Drive Program

Labrador plans to make a limited number of robots available for short-term rental.

Qualifying customers in select markets can rent a robot for a 3-month period.

No long-term commitment. (see details below)

Try for
3 months for $149/month

Test Drive Program

Labrador plans to make a limited number of robots available for short-term rental.

Qualifying customers in select markets can rent a robot for a 3-month period.

No long-term commitment. (see details below)

Learn More about Labrador's Home Test Drive Program

Step 1

Complete our Form to request to be on the invitation list

(no purchase or commitment required at this time)

Step 2

Based on availability, Labrador will extend invitations to a limited number of customers

Step 3

If you receive an invitation, you can choose to participate in the Test Drive Program

Step 4

At the end of the trial, you can either: 

(a) Sign up for a longer-term subscription; or  

(b) Have Labrador pick up the robot for no additional cost*

Limited availability, no guarantee for participation. For Test Drive participants only, the 3-month rental fee will cover delivery, setup and customer support. *Refundable security deposit may be required.

Options for Longer-Term Subscriptions

(Target pricing and subscription terms for individuals who complete the Home Test Drive and wish to continue using the robot. See FAQs below for more details.)

labrador caddie assistive robot

Labrador Caddie

Starting at: 


for 36 months

Labrador Retriever assistive robot

Labrador Retriever

Starting at: 


for 36 months

Longer-Term Subscription Plans Include:

Customer support

Full warranty coverage while your subscription is active

Premium Cloud Services (remote access, auto-scheduling, software updates)

Option to continue warranty and subscription services after 36-month period for $49/month

Labrador's Test Drive Program will be limited to:

  • U.S. residents living in selected zip codes
  • Reserving the robot for personal use
  • In their home or family member’s home

Estimated Timing:

We plan to start to roll out the Test Drive program in the 2nd Half of 2023, with beta test units possibly available earlier.

Labrador Retriever assistive robot

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand the Retriever is a new type of product, and it can be hard to imagine what it will be like to use until you try it. We had multiple pilot users tell us that the Retriever had a bigger impact on their life than they were expecting, and we want to provide others a chance to experience the robot for themselves.

No. When you fill out the invitation request form, you are just letting us know you might be interested in participating in the Test Drive Program.

If we select your area and send you an invitation, then you can decide at that time whether to respond and sign up for the 3-month rental.

We have not locked down the list of locations for the Test Drive Program. Among other factors, we will take into account how many people in a certain area sign up for the invitation list. (So please let your friends know too!)

No. You are not locked into deciding which robot and/or accessories you may want to order.

For pilot users as well as active subscriptions holders, Labrador will provide installation, essential support, maintenance and repair of its robots operating within Labrador’s guidelines for normal and approved usage.*

This includes the following services:

  • initial assessment of a user’s environment, including identification of areas where the robot can be used, and recommendations for adjustments in the home setting to improve performance;
  • training of the user’s robot on customized routes and destinations within the user’s setting;
  • ongoing support for updating or adding new destinations within the user’s setting;
  • helping configure accessories that work with the robot;
  • remote technical support for assessing software and hardware issues impacting the robot’s operation or its related services;
  • software updates as well as hardware repairs covered by Labrador’s service program.

*Labrador will provide these services for paid subscription holders while the user’s subscription is still active, as well as for pilot users for the duration of the robot placement as set by Labrador. Delivery, installations and initial training may require an upfront payment that is charged separately from the subscription plan.

The simple answer is “Yes.” For customers who sign up now for the Test Drive Program and go on to complete a 3-month Test Drive as well as a Longer-Term Subscription, the robot is yours to keep if you’ve paid for the full term of the subscription.

For the best product experience, we do recommend you renew the subscription (at a reduced rate) to maintain warranty service, customer support and premium Cloud services. However, that’s your choice.

We plan to offer an app that will let you edit and update your robot’s bus stops on your own. Certain services, such as retraining your robot in the event you move to a new home after your subscription is over, may involve a service fee if you have not renewed your subscription.

We plan to offer an option to pay for the subscription upfront as a one time charge. Your warranty and premium services would still be active for 36 months.

We will be working on policies for the subscriptions and will have an update on the terms of the subscription before we start taking full orders.

The over-simplified answer is “No,” at least initially, as we believe most insurance programs would treat this as an out-of-pocket expense. That said, we are working with health care and insurance providers to explore possible ways to expand their coverage or provide discounts. 

Labrador’s robots require significant testing and iterations to ensure a great customer experience. Additionally, the global supply chain shortage is dramatically impacting our suppliers and manufacturing partners, and in general, has impacted almost every step in the process.

Requesting to be on Labrador’s Home Test Drive invitation list can make a big difference by demonstrating demand in the market, which in turn helps us secure additional resources and support from our partners.

Request to Be Added to the Invitation List for Labrador's Home Test Drive

(There is No Cost or Commitment involved in submitting this form. This form is to let Labrador know you might be interested in participating in the Home Test Drive program if robots are available in your area.)

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