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AgeTech Startups Shine at Ces 2023 – Who Led the Charge?


It’s 2023 and AgeTech startups are taking the world by storm. At CES, which is one of the most (if not the most) influential tech events in the world, AgeTech took center stage and AgeTech startups have gotten some well deserved media coverage and attention. From keynote speeches featuring industry leaders at AARP’s AgeTech Summit, to startup showcases, CES 2023 attendees were able to learn more about the exciting innovations in AgeTech, and how these innovations are transforming the way older adults live. Which startups won awards, launched products and shone brightest?

Product Launches

The award-winning Labrador Retriever robot from Labrador Systems can assist people to live independently by carrying objects such as food, drinks, laundry and others around the house. The company, backed by iRobot Ventures and Amazon Alexa Fund, returned to the Consumer Electronics Show in 2023 to exhibit new features. With Amazon Alexa installed on the robot, the Labrador Retriever can now be voice controlled. Mike Dooley, the company’s CEO, demo’d the new capabilities:

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