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Product Availability

The Retriever Pro
(for Care Providers)

In response to demand from care providers, we’ve updated our production plans to first roll out the Labrador Retriever Pro. This model will be available to professional organizations that provide care services in the home and group settings.

Please see our press release from November 2022 for more background information.

We have started work at the factory and plan to conduct new pilot studies in 2023 as we qualify the product. Our updated target for production release of the Retriever Pro is Q2 2024.

If your organization is interested in learning about the Retriever Pro, please contact us through our Care Providers page.

Concept shown with third-party telehealth app and tablet*

The "standard" Retriever
(for individual/personal use)

Our long-term plan is still to offer “standard” versions of the Labrador Caddie and Retriever for individuals, but timing of these models will be based on how fast we can ramp up to meet the market demand for the Retriever Pro.

We expect to continue to do pilot testing with different care providers and industry partners, including placing robots with individuals in their homes in select markets.

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*Concept depicts possible future integration with 3rd party healthcare products. Please see our statement regarding future product plans.