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Labrador is at re:Mars!


labrador team

We are excited to participate in re:MARS this week where we are sharing a first peek at some of the work we are doing.

If you are at the show, please drop by to see us in the Alexa Fund Startup Area in the Tech Showcase.

For those not attending, please read more below.

Who is Labrador?

Labrador is an early stage technology company developing a new generation of assistive robots to help people live more independently.

Our core focus is creating affordable solutions that address practical and physical needs. (we are not a social robot company)

By affordable, we mean products and technologies that will be available at less than 1/10th the cost of commercial robots.

We achieve those low costs by fusing the latest technologies coming out of augmented reality with robotics to move things in the real world.

We’re developing a personal robot that will be going into Pilot Studies in 2020, but we’re not publicly disclosing any details at this point.

What are we Showing at re:MARS

We are showing a demo of our Smart Walker, which is one of the projects we’ve been working on this past year.

The Smart Walker helps guide residents from place to place within settings such as a senior living community. It’s designed for residents who may be new to a setting and/or receiving memory care or other cognitive support.

A prime example is assisting residents with trips to and from meals and other events, especially in cases where they currently require someone to assist them.

The Smart Walker works just like a normal Rollator walker, but has added electronics for sensing, computing and interacting with a resident.

How does the Smart Walker work with Alexa?

The Smart Walker includes support for Alexa as well as a display screen, microphone and speakers for interaction.

In a typical use case, the Smart Walker starts with a reminder of an upcoming event, such as lunch down in the dining hall.  The user can interact with the walker using Alexa to confirm when they are ready to head down. Alexa can also provide additional prompts to double check they have everything they need.

Once the resident is ready to go, the screen on the walker displays simple directions that guide the resident along the path to the desired location. During our demo at reMARS, we are showing options for using arrows as well as a virtual line the resident can follow.

The Smart Walker can also be equipped with sensors to help guide the resident around obstacles as well as other feedback, such as vibrating handles.

Why are we showing the Smart Walker at re:MARS?

The Smart Walker uses the same navigation technologies as the personal robot we’re developing AND it provides a very hands-on experience of how the system works in real time.

It also showcases how Alexa can be integrated to make beneficial technologies more accessible to a broad range of users.

When will it be on the market?

At the moment, the Smart Walker is a demonstration project.

We see a variety of configurations and possible applications, including in the home, and are exploring partnerships with companies in the medical equipment and/or health care markets.

What’s the best way to connect with Labrador?

If you are interested in possibly partnering with Labrador or have press inquiries, please email us at