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Labrador Retriever Robot Helps People Live More Independently


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When my mother started using a cane and a walker to move around the house, it dawned on me after hearing her drop the dishes a few times that she was using her arms as an extra pair of legs. That made everyday activities at home significantly more complicated, from setting the table and putting away the groceries to tidying up the house and doing the laundry. And as mobility became more difficult for her over the years, so did those activities.

As we researched the issue, we discovered this isn’t a rare scenario. With the number of Americans 65 and older projected to nearly double by 2060, individuals like my mom are living older longer than ever before, with mobility being one of most common issues they face as they age. Added to that, injuries, chronic pain and early onset health conditions impact the daily activities of millions of adults under the age of 65 as well. And with 53 million unpaid caregivers in the U.S. helping take care of their family members and friends, we see this as a massive need in society that is being underserved.

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