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Preview of our Demo At CES


Labrador assistive robot

Today we posted a video as a preview of our demo at CES 2020.  We are still in stealth mode on the robot itself, but we are starting the unveil more of the details.

The video shows the robot’s perspective as it navigates through a home.  And for the first time, we also feature using Alexa to interact with the robot.  We will be showing both of these capabilities and even more at our private demo at CES.

All this is meant to kick off what will be a big year for Labrador.  (and hopefully a big decade too!)

We will be publicly unveiling the full robot later in the year, as well as starting to place robots in homes as in a series of Pilot Studies.

Our mission is to create a new type of tool for empowering individuals to live more independently in their homes.  As part of the Pilot Studies, we are looking to partner with organizations to test specific use cases and applications in home health and home care.

If you would like to learn more, and even see the robot in action at CES, please reach out to