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Tech company announces rollout of new elder-care assistant robots


Tech company Labrador Systems announced on Wednesday it was beginning the rollout of its new assistive robots that will help senior citizens and others who need assistance in their daily life, a technology that could be transformative for elder care.

The Labrador Retriever personal robot resembles a moving cart with top and bottom trays. The autonomous machine aims to make daily activities easier for seniors by carrying essential items to people within easy reach.

The technology was developed to tackle a growing problem — a booming elderly population in the U.S. that is only expected to grow larger.

Mike Dooley, the CEO of Labrador Systems, said “the burden on caregivers is growing at a rate that is simply not sustainable.”

“Organizations are already experiencing major caregiver shortages, and in the coming years there will be significantly more people 85+ with fewer people to help take care of them,” Dooley said in a statement. “Our mission is to provide relief on both sides of that equation, empowering individuals who need care to do more on their own while extending the impact of each caregiver’s visit well beyond the time they are physically present.”

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