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Innovation tech for seniors

In the world of hi-tech products, the target market is often viewed as the young consumer eager to get the latest gadget. But there are a number of companies starting to realize that there’s a growing demand from consumers who are a little more mature. Read More >

AgeTech Startups Shine at Ces 2023 – Who Led the Charge?

It’s 2023 and AgeTech startups are taking the world by storm. At CES, which is one of the most (if not the most) influential tech events in the world, AgeTech took center stage and AgeTech startups have gotten some well deserved media coverage and attention. From keynote speeches featuring industry leaders at AARP’s AgeTech Summit, […]

Seth Rogen highlights new tech to help seniors with dementia

Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller share groundbreaking new technology on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that aims to give at-home care to seniors across the country and get in front of Miller’s family risk of dementia. NBC’s Jake Ward reports in this week’s Sunday Spotlight. View the Story >

Labrador taps the Echo Show to expand functionality for its eldercare robot

I first met with the team at Labrador Systems in a hotel suite several CESes ago. What immediately stood out about the firm is its focus on the long-standing promise of eldercare robotics. Various systems have existed in Japan for decades now, aimed at that nation’s aging population. But for the most part, it’s a […]

Labrador Previews New Solutions for Home Health at CES 2023

Labrador Systems today returned to CES® presenting new demonstrations of its award-winning personal robot at two locations within the Venetian Expo. The Labrador® Retriever will be featured at the Amazon Experience Area as well as the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP (Venetian Expo A-C, Smart Home Category, Booth #52332). First announced at CES 2022, the award-winning […]

The Top 10 Robotics Stories of 2022

It’s not often that we see a new autonomous home robot with a compelling use case. But this year, Labrador Systems introduced Retriever, a semi-autonomous mobile table that can transport objects for folks with mobility challenges. If Retriever doesn’t sound like a big deal, that’s probably because you have no use for a robot like […]

Robotic retrievers: One possible answer to the caregiver crisis

A California technology company hopes to begin deploying Labrador Retrievers into the homes of seniors by the end of 2023 to help them safely age in place. These caregiver assistants aren’t canines, however, but rather robots developed by Labrador Systems to help home care firms and senior living facilities fill in caregiving gaps. Starting in January, the […]

Tech company announces rollout of new elder-care assistant robots

Tech company Labrador Systems announced on Wednesday it was beginning the rollout of its new assistive robots that will help senior citizens and others who need assistance in their daily life, a technology that could be transformative for elder care. The Labrador Retriever personal robot resembles a moving cart with top and bottom trays. The […]

Labrador Featured at Phoenix Abilities Expo

At the recent Phoenix Abilities Expo, Labrador Systems CEO Mike Dooly introduced the Labrador Retriever, a new generation of assistive robots to function as an extra pair of hands around the house.